A group of friends who share the same passion for food, beer and music are what form House of Straw. Mark De Jesus (Drums), Ron Gejon (Bass), John Violago (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Jason Castillo (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals), plus the latest addition to the group, Pauline Rigos (Vocals), all met in college where they are part of a student organization. It began with jamming outside their club room and evolved to performing at open mics and at student events. House of Straw fuses elements of punk, emo, grunge and alternative rock to form an eclectic blend of sounds in their quest for distinctiveness and originality. Hailing from Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx, their diverse upbringings and influences in music supplements their unique sound and the music that they write.

Honorary Straws:
House of Straw would like to thank the following people who have shared their talents and performed with us on some of our past shows. We had so much fun playing with you guys and you have inspired us to push through and create much more wonderul music.
From the bottom our hearts, thank you!

Reyenne Maghirang : violin/vocals
Nestine Aglubat : keyboards/stylist
Aziel Jireh Gonzales : vocals


03.15.05 - WHCS Hunter College Radio LIVE
04.12.05 - Hunter College Open Mic
04.16.05 - Hunter College Barrio '05
04.23.05 - Ramapo College Barrio '05
05.20.05 - Teabag Open Mic
06.05.05 - Philippine Independence Day Parade '05 NYC
06.10.05 - Teabag Open Mic
07.22.05 - Teabag Open Mic
07.23.05 - Teabag Amplified
09.13.05 - Barrio Fiesta w/ Jay Legaspi Woodside, NY
09.17.05 - Farenheit Saturday Night Live
09.22.05 - WRMN Radio Mindanao LIVE Bloomfield, NJ
10.28.05 - Teabag Variety Hour
10.29.05 - NJIT "Reign or Shine" Hurricane Benefit Concert Newark, NJ
12.09.05 - Sumisigaw Festival Elmhurst, NY
12.30.05 - Allison Rebongs Bday Bash NJ
01.15.06 - ASIA Poetry Night, Hunter College NYC

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